Thursday, November 01, 2007

Today is Ascension Thursday -" The fact itself, the fact of the Ascension, is very simple. It took place forty days after Jesus rose from the dead. Forty days after he had completed His work. Jesus left the apostles and went back to heaven. This is the fact of the Ascension." (quoted from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia)

I took the day off from work as many of my colleagues did today. We get a floating holiday or two and most of us took it, leaving the
school district in a frenzy trying to find substitute teachers. My Principal teased me, asking me if I'd be going to morning mass. I chuckled stating that I would pray in the solace of my spiritual place. I have not been in a church since my son did his confirmation 3 years ago. I, having my own personal issues with the Catholic church choose not to attend. Yet, my issues are not with God, so seek him I always do.

Off I went early this morning to seek my place and I found it in a nature preserve near my home. I walked 5 miles relishing in the quiet of the morning even though just a few feet away was a major highway, I was wrapped in the solace of woods and lakes with the only noise coming from the birds and ducks that were enjoying this first day of November. The weather is slightly humid but warm for this time of year, making me worry that this is not a good sign.

I love these days when I am off from work and selfishly don't tell anyone, out of fear that requests to share my time will be imposed upon me. I take great pride in saying no but sometimes it is difficult. As I walk and listen to John Denver on my Ipod, softly so as not to break the beauty around me with too much noise, I see other people who also have taken the time to enjoy this gift from God. There was an elderly couple looking across the lake, they seemed to be lost in a private world as he reached over and kissed his beloved. I smiled and walked on, knowing they too were enjoying this moment.

After my walk is over, I usually rush to get home to see how many chores I can fit in before Jon gets home from school, but not today. I sat on bench with the most perfect view and I prayed. I prayed for a soulful life and one rich in health. I gave thanks for my sight and ability to walk. I thanked God for being so kind and generous in giving us such an exceptional home (earth), and then I cried and asked him to please forgive us for not taking better care of his gift. (for your enjoyment)


Big Dave T said...

I could really use one of those days off right now. Just to stay home, or maybe walk around town, or take the dog for a walk in the woods provided it's warm enough.

Responding to your comment on my blog, I've noticed that honeycrisp apples are popular to the point that they're priced much higher than a regular apple. We bought two half-pecks of apples--$5.50 for a mixture of eating apples, and $13 for honeycrisp! Those and "snow apples", whatever they are, were premium priced.

Not to be a smart aleck, but November 1st in the Catholic Church is All Saints Day, a holy day. I believe Ascension is much earlier in the year.

Dust-bunny said...

My Dearest Friend,

I really think you need to be praying to God that you get your holy-days straightened out!! Thanks for the laugh, from one sucky catholic to another!!

(...and I only had the nerve to say something because Dave mentioned it first. That Big Dave. He's such a smart aleck!)

simply me said...


Betty said...

Dear Simply Me,

Your description of your day off was so engaging that I felt as if I was right there with you, invisibly of course, so as to not ruin your solitude. You made an inportant point about the solace that can be found in our own spiritual places.


Matty said...

Seeing that I am excommunicated from my church..I no longer pay attention to the Holy days. You spent your day off in the best possible proper commune with God...what better way is there? and what better place than in Nature? you can't get anymore spiritual than that!
Yes...I also never tell anyone when I get a day off...I treasure those days like a few and far between they are!
I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. We have so few moments that we can say are sacred and special. Enjoy!