Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer is so many things to me. Time with my son to do special things like hiking while trying to avoid the poison ivy, the ability to spend the summer with my husband, the wonderful ability to go to the country for long stretches of time after a long winter in the city, the ability to sleep in and lazily and slowly arise to meet the day and the songs of the birds, to be blessed with being able to work in my garden and seek out potato bugs through my many tomato plants, to lay in my hammock after working in the garden, with muddy feet and dirty hands and feeling like I have everything I need.

For these simple pleasures, and knowing how to appreciate the sounds and smells around me, like the hundreds of lightening bugs in the open field and the threat of a good rain fall coming across the ridge, and the smell of freshly cut grass, I am truly grateful. Ah, I am rich. I do love summer!