Thursday, November 22, 2007

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it
is like wrapping a present
and not giving it....
~William Arthur Ward

Thanksgiving....Allen is home and gets up at 5:30 to put the Turkey in the oven so as to have it ready for our brunch time Thanksgiving dinner. Jon is sleeping and Allen let's me sleep while he stuffs the turkey and then puts it into the oven. That being done, he quietly slips back into bed and wraps me in a warm embrace.

My family comes around 1:30 and all is done. All we have to do is eat. Though I
have a good sized eat in kitchen, it is not big enough to hold 10 people for a formal sit down. Its buffet style and we all gather around to say our graces and be thankful; we fill our plates with Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato, home-made cranberry sauce, vegetables and stuffing.

Now all are gone and the dishes are finally done and the kitchen is clean. Allen is taking a nap before going back to PA and Jon is with his dad. The house is quiet and I plug in my small Charlie Brown tree (I love that tree), which
still lights up for me after 6 years. Buster lays quietly, after a long day of having everyone pet him. I am grateful....

* For having a family who appreciates my cooking
* For having my husband near
* For my son Jon, that he is healthy
* For having a roof over my head and food to eat
* For my friends and their kindness
* For our health
* For all that I have and even what I don't have
* For my mom, who will be 91 in a week
* For my brother, who remembers and loves to retell stories of me as a child
* For my niece, who's laughter just makes my heart smile
* For my sister, who is highly emotional about old photos she doesn't have but I do (I printed some for her today)
* For having been born into my family and having the life that I now have

For so much more than I could ever put into words, I know that I am blessed each and every day. Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to all.


Matty said...

You are truly blessed. Isn't it wonderful to have a man prepare the turkey? and to have your family.
A very happy Thanksgiving and many more!

Big Dave T said...

I agree with Matty here. I'm not allowed near the turkey, or even the kitchen, unless it's time to carve. Glad you have the blessings you mention. We all need to be a little more thankful for what we have.

Betty said...

Dear Simply me,

Your family sounds great, and I'm sure they enjoy being so appreciated by you! It's sad that Allen had to go back to PA, but you seem to concentrate more on gratitude than complaining. You're an inspiration!