Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day comes around so
very, very quickly.....
The Kids Sarah, Jason, my Jon, and Dylan (sorry Jason and Dylan if I got you missed up - they're twins). Frolicking at Jones Beach displaying Jason's trophy from his tennis finals.

Bob and I happy as can be or just delirious from the heat.......
Our Annual summer picture, Paula, Janet and I.....(we have taken this similar picture for the past 10 years or so)

Sneaking a picture of Jon as we head out for our first day of School. He was much happier the night before.....the picture may have sent him over the edge (.....he's almost 16 - oh well)

Buster, had the hardest time with back to school. He was a bit confused as to the early 6 am wake up (he's used to sleeping in till about 8 in the summers). Had no inclination to go out and do his doggy thing. He looked at me from his favorite chair in the kitchen and sauntered over to his bed where he just went right back to sleep...... Oh how I wished I could have done the same.