Monday, February 01, 2010

The days, cold and short, leave me wishing desperately for Spring. Spring a time of renewal. I smile thinking of how many times I cross this threshold of renewal. Always wishing, hoping. Never giving up. I chuckle as I try to think of how often I have stared ahead thinking, "Ah, a new beginning". What is that? Really, a new beginning. I have had so many, that it feels as if a book has been written but not one chapter is successfully completed. Ha! Its a complicated book. A book that a reader would start with enthusiasm slowly understanding that its not going anywhere, though the character would like to believe otherwise.

What does wishing for Spring mean to me? What is it that I hope to see upon that Spring day that will change this harsh cold winter day? Is it possible that after all, I am a hopeless optimist? Perhaps. In truth, looking forward to a new day is what keeps me going. Knowing that tomorrow some small wonderful thing may happen to bring about change.

Life is like that you know. Always and forever changing. Challenging, beautiful, and oh so complicated.