Thursday, November 08, 2007

.....Bloggers Block

I've been terribly preoccupied lately with stuff that keeps my mind filled with enough junk that I can't seem to have a moment of I do apologize. I am absolutely feeling like a nitwit about my blog. Its incredible to me that as som
eone who regularly has intelligent conversations, reads political newspapers, listens to National Public Radio, and is fairly amusing to others, I have a terrible block.

There you go, I can't think of one thing to say. So, I will bore you with the big event in our home in Pennsylvania this week. Being a home built in the
1800's it has never had a proper heating system. For over 35 years it was used as a summer home by the previous owners. Well now that Allen is living there full-time and I do wish to visit occasionally, we decided we had to get some type of furnace. The truth is that in North Eastern Pennsylvania it gets plenty cold....burrrr, and if my husband wants to see his wife who does not live with him, there's got to be some heat (and NO, body heat does not count).

After much research by Allen, because that's his thing, we (not really) he, decided to go with a coal burning furnace. This project has been, lets say different. My husband built a giant bin in our storage shed taking up all space. The furnace was installed in increments over a 2 week period by my husband, who I must say did all this with deep love and devotion and a joyful heart. OK.
He fired it up yesterday for the first time and through out the day at work, I held my breath, praying he would not blow the house up or worse himself. I really do have faith in abilities, really I do. In the afternoon to my great joy, he emails me a picture of our now fully working furnace...yipeeeee!!Now I did not think......what happens when I am old and "I" have to shovel that coal in from outside, huumm??


Mark said...

Very good! Glad the he will be warm and you will be warm on your visits.

Matty said...

Wonderful...a picture is worth a thousand words. When you get that can hire a 'stud-muffin' and enjoy the view! Cheers from very cold Canada.

Big Dave T said...

Hard to believe that a home could exist that long without a furnace, especially in Pennsylvania. My boss just bought a space heater to help heat his house. It's supposed to cost only a buck and a half to day to use. He bought it from one of those salesmen who sells them out of a room at the local Holiday Inn. But I guess he sold about 40 that day, so it must be legit.

I can't stand being cold in my own house, though.

Boatwoman said...

That looks like a fantastic furnace, one things foresure you will not be cold now. As for getting old, haven't you heard............ It's all in the mind hahahaha

Betty said...

I seem to vaguely remember that the house I grew up in had a coal furnace when I was very young. A big truck brought it, and the coal went down a chute into the basement window. (You know, I'm not sure that really happened.)

Anyway, maybe there's a way to have a truck send the coal down a chute somehow into your husband's new furnace.

Hugs and warmth,

simply me said...

Thank you all for the visit. I like the stud muffin idea hehehe. I am here today and even at the lowest setting it is warm as bun and the edge is gone from the upstairs even though we have not yet piped it upstairs. Northeastern PA is just so beautiful even in this dreary time of year.
The goats down the road seemed plenty happy.
Betty, I think you are right about your memory b/c Allen tells me that a lot of people do have the truck load it direct to the basement.
Have a great weekend all!!

Dust-bunny said...

I don't know if you remember, but we had a re-furbished coal furnace in this house before I finished the basement and replaced it with a real oil burner. It was pretty wild looking, it was made of some sort of other material than yours and was covered with asbestos that we had to get removed by a special crew! David's closet downstairs was for coal storage, and they used to bring the coal in from the "Wizard of Oz" doors, which were where his entrance is now.

All I know is I'm freezing with our current heating system, and I have to come into the basement to get warm. How weird is that?

Dust-bunny said...

OH, and I'm also really happy that I can now come up and see where you live in the winter!! It must be beautiful.

Dust-bunny said...

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.