Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grateful for.........

Electricity - since our power went out on Saturday after a storm. I will never take it for granted. Its crappy being cold and living by candle light for four days.

Sorrow - it teaches me to appreciate when things are really good.

Others - I have been humbled by the lessons that others teach me just by their presence in my life. I am learning patience, humility, kindness and extraordinarily, how to be a better person.

My job - when so many are unemployed and my job is closing buildings, I can sit, close my eyes and know just how very fortunate I am. And the fact that I love what I do and even more so I love the children I work with.

My dog - who no matter what the situation, would rather be with me than any other place in the world (even a cold dark house).

My son - who teaches me daily, that I have so much to learn about him and myself as a mother.

For my friends - who know exactly when I need a hug and a cup of coffee.

Of course, not necessarily in this order.