Thursday, June 14, 2007

Looking out the window, the sky seemed so vast and beautiful. There are times when the beauty is so grand that I lose myself in all its splendor. I was home, in Pennsylvania, for the weekend and the sky which had been threatening all day to shout out loud, finally got its way. The view from my upstairs window which faces the mountains was brilliant in color. To my delight I was privy to the show in the sky.

The sky lighting up all around me, casting light where there were shadows. Colors of blue, purple, lavender and red brightened the dark country night. In my underwear and t-shirt I ran outside to watch this spectacular show of lights. Feeling so close to the earth, nature and God and grateful that I, so small in this world was lucky enough to be showered with such a sight.
No rain in sight, just a dance of lights in the pitch dark sky. How lucky am I. With my husband standing, holding me close, we watched in silence and gratitude for such a sight.

It is so easy to forget to stop, look and listen when things are so busy all the time. But at this moment, I was captivated in total delight. Standing with a great big smile, I felt like a child watching life happen for the very first time.


A Who said...

What a wonderful moment to capture and appreciate. Lovely.

Lisa said...

Maria, are these pictures from the house? I can't make them bigger.

This is just a beautiful post. I know the appreciative person you help me every day to "get it".


simply me said...

Aah Li - No I downloaded them from google, but the storm was much more beautiful than that. You inspired me to finish it since I started last weekend and saved it.
I will be there this weekend - if there is another lightning storm I will grab my camera.

love you

Paul said...

Know just what you mean. I used to jog at dawn and had that same feeling, looking at the sky, of it being new all over again.

Matty said...

It's nice to capture a moment in time like that...esp. with someone you love.
Have a great weekend!

Big Dave T said...

I love thunderstorms too. The louder the better.

But our dog simply comes unglued during violent storms. He pants, shivvers and stares at us from atop the basement stairs. It's as if he's saying, "It's the big one, time to take cover."

Or he'll try to get outside, even if it's raining. We think he wants us to get into the car and evacuate him from the city. He just hates even just a little rumble of thunder.

simply me said...

Hi Paul - thank you for stopping by.
I will check out your blog.

Thanks Matty - It was a lovely weekend. How was yours?

Dave - I use to have a dog that would hear thunder miles away and the way we knew they were coming was because he immediately went on the house rug. Poor coco - It was rough for him.

Mark said...

Thank-you for sharing such a very wonderful moment! You are a child, a child of joy and wonder and you are blessed to be so!