Monday, October 20, 2008

I just realized its close to another holiday, Halloween and I have not been blogging since early September, actually, another holiday - Labor Day. It might turn out to be a convenient thing to just blog around Holidays. This takes away the stress of realizing how little time I have to blog, having to come up with more blogging ideas (Im sure you've noticed my ineptitude of late), and not feeling guilty every time I tune in and notice how much time has passed.

Well, the truth be told, is that I am obsessed. Obsessed with politics, economics and more politics. I spend enormous amounts of time reading blogs on the upcoming elections. The Huffington Post is one of my favorites which I used to just read in the mornings but have increasingly been abnormally enthralled by lately, sometimes reading it at various intervals throughout the day for fear I might miss some new neo-con brilliance. I have joined the campaigning band wagon for Obama. I try to volunteer as much as I can and have often thought of taking the next for weeks off to go volunteer. Of course, considering the course our economy is taking, I seriously control my impulsive thoughts and limit it to just doing it when I can. I need my job, especially when job security is so precious. I try not to watch Fox News for members of its journalistic staff have at time turned me into a person who throws things at the TV and uses words that are more than just colorful. At times I can be quite poetic with these words if I do say so myself.
I do have to say thankfully, that my obsession with the media and economics saved me big bucks in my 401. After much obsessive reading, I decided back in May 2008 to flip my portfolio to only 20% stocks. Much to my reps disappointment, I made a wise choice for the time being. I am, I must admit a scardycat and don't like to take chances with my only savings.

I am a bit worried for myself after November 4th. What will I do when it is over and I no longer find the thrill I have found in the past weeks. I might well become seriously depressed. My worse fear though, what if Obama loses? Dear God just saying it makes me want to cross myself. If that happens, I have seriously warned my family that I will be moving out of the country. Palin scares the bejesus out of me, seriously - wink, wink, you betcha.

Im thinking Uraguay seems lovely.


Big Dave T said...

Wow, someone who isn't tired of politics yet? I think I was ready for the election to be over with a year ago.

I got my money out of stocks a long time ago but since the price has dropped, I wonder if I should get back in now.

simply me said...

Hi Dave - I heard that for those who have no money in stocks at this time, now is a good time to do it. I imagine that I will eventually flip money back into it. Oh yeah, it was Warren Buffet, in speaking about keeping the economy moving.
Hope you are doing well. I've read your blog lately, I just haven't commented. I enjoy your blog enormously. Almost as much as my politics, hehehe.

Betty said...

Dear Simply Me,

If you really do need a new obsession after Nov. 4, then it would be the ideal time to research stocks to buy, just as a hobby.

I really envy those of you who actually pulled money out of the stock market before it tanked. I knew I should do it- I advised my friends to and THEY did, but I didn't! It's going to be a long wait before those stocks get back up where they used to be.....

And I don't see how McCain could possibly win.


harada57 said...
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