Monday, February 18, 2008

Why, Barack?

(first of all I know its been a while, and I don't really have a good excuse
for my failure at blogging lately, but worse than anything I have not
been on top of reading my blogs either. So I will simply leave it at
"LIFE - it happens")

About four years ago, I read a wonderful book written by a young Senator about his life, what it was like grow up with a black father and a white mother and how certain events evolved his life. I was deeply moved by his honesty, his ability to speak about his mistakes so freely and by his incredible mind set and intelligence. I passed the book to a friend stating "read this, for I believe he may one day be a great President".

Yesterday I watched Larry King Live as he interviewed Michelle Obama, as she sincerely discussed the Presidential Race, her husband and her family. Again I was intrigued. Michelle discussed and talked of her husband. Candidly speaking of his greatness but also of his ability to make mistakes. Unlike our current administration, Barack would openly admit them. She mentioned that this Presidency for her came from a view as a mother. Discussing her concerns over the future of her young children.

Just last week as I spoke to my husband, I spoke to him of the side of this Presidency that I have not heard many speak of and that is that Barack Obama has two young daughters. I told my husband that I felt that his having young children is a huge reflection on the work that he would take on as President. His children's future is in his hand and hence the future of all our children. This impacted me so, for I believe that so many of us are concerned not only with the state of our financial woes, the War, Global Warming but in the end what sticks with me is, what have we done to the world that our children are suppose to live in? As I see the world around me and we watch the mess that our current Idiot President has not only gotten us into, but refuses to take responsibility for except to say, "We are doing just fine", my heart saddens for the future of our children and their children for it will be a hard place to live in. Unfortunately, for who ever takes over, it is going to be an incredibly harsh Presidency, for the task at hand might just be irrecoverable.

I am ready for change, as a matter a fact it could not come soon enough.


Guilty Secret said...

I would like to read his book, and I'm pretty sure I'd be voting Obama if I were a US citizen.

Big Dave T said...

Nice to see you back here. I always wonder why some of my blogging buddies disappear from time to time.

A lot of bloggers appear to be Obama fans. He is an inspirational and powerful speaker. Unfortunately, speaking about change is one thing, making it happen is another. I'm not yet sold that Obama, or any politician for that matter, can make this happen.

Speaking of the present government and our younger generation, let me rant a little myself here. With big fanfare, the government signed into law a plan to put more money into the economy, hoping to keep us out of a recession.

But here is the tweaker. Though the elderly will get this "rebate," as will disabled and the poor, young people working to put themselves through college will not see a dime. Neither will their parents who claim them as a dependent. Considering that my son often works 40 hours a week to pay the exorbitantly high price of college (and still needs equally exorbitantly priced loans), I think this stinks.

Now, I've heard Hillary address the high cost of loans this generation is being charged to finance their education. I don't remember hearing Obama address this issue. I could have just missed it though.

simply me said...

Hi Dave - Gosh, the past couple of weeks at work have been painful and busy. By the time I get home I am pretty much brain dead.
It is always fun to visit your blog.
On the topic of the President, and the infamous being dealt out to help the economy push out some spending...heck if i get any I am saving it, not spending it to circulate more production of God knows what.
I totally hear you on the education issue and the fact that kids are leaving college with enormous debt which will take a life time to pay. The fact that middle income families get no support to send their kids to school because they make a living is a disgrace.
I personally owe 60,000 in school loans and my son will be going to college in just another 2 years. How pathetic is that. I work two jobs, have a Master's degree and a state license, yet I don't make enough to pay off mortgages, loans, taxes etc....disgusting.
I am luckier than a lot of people in that I do have the ability to work and make enough that the bills are getting paid.
I happen to believe that education should be reasonable and available to everyone.
I heard recently that Harvard is promoting a program for people who make a certain income where their children only pay about 10,000. Not sure about this - but I heard they are trying to get other Universities on board.
So much for your ranting...LOL - I am with you.
I will research Obama re: education costs...and get back to you.

Betty said...

Count me in. I'd like to hear about Obama's stance on education finance.