Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My year in Review.....

I am taking stock of 2007 and the events that surrounded it.....this I will attempt without a calender in front of me. I include all blessings, the good, the bad and the somedays extremely ugly...

* My mother turns 90 and as a family we gather for a fun and memorable family dinner in the Bronx's little Italy.

* I meet my husbands family for the first time at the 2007 family reunion. I meet my mother-in-law for the first time.....she's something else.

* My son turns fifteen reminding me that I am no longer a young mother.

* I find, to my deepest sorrow, that I am 15-20 pounds heavier than I was five years ago (what can I say I love and savor all wonderful foods).

* I realize that I've gone past the number of years that I wanted to be renting my apartment. I've crunched the $$$ amounts over the years and I try hard to keep the vomit down.

* I turned 45, which my husband kindly reminded me this weekend that I need to change my profile since it still states that I am 44 years old. I say why not just wait till I'm 50 to change it.

* My husband moves to another state and we are now married and dating at the same time.

* I didn't think it was possible, but yes I am more disgusted by our current president and his staff of Zombies.

* I saw Blue Man Group for the first time. I thought it was quite genius.

* My inner consciousness grew just a little more and for this I am grateful.

* My step-daughter Corinna received a Bill Gates Scholarship and went off to Cambridge University.....we are all very proud.

* A dream fulfilled, I went to Italy with my son Jon.

* I signed up to and found two friends from High School which I last saw in 1980.

* We got a new Coal furnace in our home in Pennsylvania, which I must say is proving itself to be a wise and warm purchase.

* I watched "A Christmas Story for about the 30th time".

* My ex-husband broke his shoulder on Christmas Eve and I found compassion that could have been lost forever and ever somewhere in the depths of my heart. I walked his dog for several mornings, in the cold, during my vacation and I did so with good will.

* I finally embarked on the Hypertension boat with the rest of my family.

* It was the first year that I really simplified during the holidays. I did not mail a single card, but felt guilty so I made many phone calls....bottom line - it may be easier to just send the cards.

* I did not watch reality TV.

* I became a member of Public Radio after many years of listening and not felt good and a bonus...... I received two CD's.

* My grey hair is definitely winning the battle (the ugly - not on every one, put mine seems to have a hazardous mind of its own, its not all shiny and luxurious).

* I'm still in love with my husband.

* I am still surrounded by my same loving friends - Janet, both Lisa's, Paula, & Dianne.

* I did not get the flu or sinus infections ( the latter being a yearly visitor ).

* Over all I see myself as an incredibly lucky individual, whose life is wonderfully unique and full of wonderful delights, including the people in it.

I have no New Years resolutions but I will be working continually on being here, now and present.


Dust-bunny said...

You are just so witty and adorable. You always know how to appreciate the things that matter most, and for that I am grateful to call you "friend".

...Yeah, what is this freaking "Turn 45, add 15 lbs." crap, anyway? I just said the same thing last night...that I gained almost 20 lbs. since I married my Al. Not fun. We'll have to try to resume our walks pretty soon...we'll bundle up!

Love you xoxo

simply me said...

OMG - I really did....what happened. Well, I kind of know - could it be that I don't censor what goes in my mouth??? LOL - hey that might be it.
Let the censorship begin.....

Big Dave T said...

Now wait a minute . . . your child just turned 15 and you feel old?? I read somewhere that you're not truly old until your children look middle age. I'm going by that.

Very interesting list. I send out one of those yearly family newsletters with our Christmas cards, but your life sounds more eventful than mine. I had a hard time this year coming up with stuff to say.

simply me said...

Hey Dave - not having too much to write about may be a blessing in itself.
I'm glad to hear you are not old until your children are middle age. That's a relief! Thanks...

Matty said...

What a wonderful year! It's good to look back and to be truly grateful for what we have.

Guilty Secret said...

This was a great idea. And what a year! Well done, you ;)

Betty said...

You don't need any resolutions!!! Everything is just as it should be. I am so impressed that you have so many female friends. And a happy marriage. That's major!


Enhance Life said...

You seem to have had an eventful year :-)

Try not to dwell too much on growing old. Take each day as it is.. We are all still young at heart! lol!

Wish you a very best 2008


Mark said...

I enjoyed your year in review. I am sure that you will continue to grow in the ways that you desire this year.