Sunday, May 06, 2007

An Addendum to my last post:

At 6:00 I called my son....there was no answer. I called his fathers home to be told that he had taken him to the movies to keep him from going to Anna's party. I cannot say that I held my ground and center, calling him a few choice words. Mostly, I asked "how could you do this to Jon, someone you are suppose to love and protect? He does not answer but only questions me "why are you going to a party with my family?" - I gathered myself in order to say to him, " The question you should be asking yourself is WHY YOU ARE NOT GOING TO YOUR FAMILIES PARTY?"
I hung up the phones shaken.
I realized I could not let him control my life, he could try as he might to work his destructive behaviors but it was up to me to keep them out of my life as best as possible. He may have some control over my son but he has no control on the way I handle myself and my ability to remain grounded. I went to the party where Anna was glowing and beautiful in all of her 16 years. Lisa was a wonderful host, she looked beautiful and all that she's done for Anna came vividly through. Though Jon was not there (there were a few times when someone would ask for him and my tears would well up), he was missed and there was something lost. Lisa, Anna, Jon and I will never be separated and throughout life our love and bond will grow stronger.... there will be other party's and moments to share.
On a light note, upon getting home at about 1:45 am, I realized that Allen forgot I left my key home. I knocked, rang the bell for several minutes hoping the dog would bark. Par for the course the dog (who barks at his own shadow) would not bark and wake Allen who was sleeping upstairs. I kept saying "Buster its me mommy, please bark" - but no way. I did not have my cell phone, so I ended up driving to the local 7/11 to use the pay phone and called Allen to wake up....thankfully he did and opened the door. I fell asleep quickly and somewhat peaceful to know that I was there for those I love, even my son though he doesn't know it...yet.


Lisa said...


You, Lisa and Anna all look so beautiful. I miss Lisa and hope we can get together soon. I'm still p-o'd about Mr. Charm, and the ramifications of his actions. A pox on his lousy ass, that's all I can say.


Big Dave T said...

Kinda feel like an interloper here since I don't know the principals, except I think for Lisa, but this is as good a place to vent as any, right?

It is sad to see how often people, and not those just in divorce situations, use social gatherings like parties and weddings to re-open old grudges and personal animosities. Parties should be fun. Period.

simply me said...

You are right Dave and after so many years, who is too short to be so miserable.
thanks for stopping by.

Big Dave T said...

Hea, I saw your comment about waiting for my new blog. Thanks. I wish all my blogging buddies were so eager to read what I write.

I used to write two blogs a week, but I just couldn't keep up. So I'm down to one. And being a creature of habit, like most men, I put it up mid-week, usually Wednesday.

But I'll give you a little preview. I think I'm going to rant about advertising. Kinda dull, right? I'll do my best with it, though.

simply me said...

Thanks - Even your mail to me makes me giggle. I am a fan - no pressure though, lol. Life is demanding enough.