Thursday, March 08, 2007

Last night, I pushed myself to go to a yoga class. I know that it will benefit me in many ways but the class starts at 8:30 and ends at 9:30 which by my standards a little late for a weeknight. I decided I had to go after my 14 year old started lovingly wrestling me because he had nothing else to do. I say, "how about reading, studying, drawing," nope, not for him. He's been punished, and I hate to use that word, I'd rather look at it as giving him time to reflect on making better choices, for slacking off on school assignments. He is not allowed to watch TV or play video games during the week at all. So being 14 and trying to torture me by poking, tickling, and invading with great zest my personal space, I decide I need to get away from this torment of the evening. Let me say that I do love this attention which would not come if he had TV and Video games but my body is not what it use to be and his vigor at wrestling me is exhausting. He did try to wrestle with the dog but after a while, poor Buster, could not keep up and went to hide.
Off I went to yoga at 8:30, when all I really wanted was to curl up in comfy,
warm (and perhaps not so attractive) clothing. I perk up at bit as I get there (its 15 minutes away) and decide to make the best of it since earlier in the day my body was not behaving, causing Siatic pain on the right side. I limped around most of the day to my embarrassment. The yoga instructer is an older gentlemen, maybe in his 60's. He is quite agile, making me feel even worse because truly I am not flexible at all. Most positions are challenging for me especially anything that requires standing on one foot. Those positions that require laying down are body friendly to me and my favorites. I wonder if anything like that exist, that is not happening in a senior center? The setting for my yoga class is not optimal, there is a lot of banging around from the weights being lifted and I swear, thrown (it is in a gym), The soothing, meditative music often gets drowned out by the heavy rock music pouring through live a sieve from the gym. The room was rather chilly, and laying my achy bones on the floor was just not a feel good moment. Even the instructer commented on the chill. As it ends and I have completed my last sun salutation, bearing cold feet, hands and nose, I feel rather relaxed and loving. I am ready to go home to my husband and son and feel a great feeling of love and gratitude for them. All is good.
Upon getting home, I notice its dark. Iam disappointment at not being able to spread this love; everyone is sound asleep. I go into into my son's room and his energy and lack of TV has put him to sleep. I kiss his head and smile. In the next room, my husband is gently snoring (not really) and I kiss his head. When I crawl into bed
I thank God for my blessings and feel deep comfort that everything is as it should be and for a moment I feel great peace.One of the great pleasures of my son's loss of TV and video games is the quality time we are spending together talking, playing chess and just being a family.


Matty said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Wouldn't it be great if we could take the kids with us, so they can burn off energy too?
I would love to have your son's energy!or my grandkids!
On the weekends I do yoga with my grandkids,,,,a lot of stretching and I find it calms them down a lot,before we go for a long walk.

simply me said...

Matty you are so progressive. I was thinking that I'd like to get certified to teach children Yoga because I work at an elementary school and my kids would so benefit from it.

Lisa said...


I'm so glad you're relaxed. Because your son is here with mine and six--yes, SIX--other kids, raiding the fridge, pounding up the stairs, talking really loud and smelling like, well, 8 boys who've been outside for about seven hours. Yum. ;)

I love taking yoga--Susan is a really good instructor (they only have yoga at Bally's at 6pm Thu. and 9am Sun....not good for my schedule). I think you'd be a GREAT instructor for kids...why don't you ask her about it?

...Don't you wish Matty didn't live in another country so she could come to our group?? :D


simply me said...

I was just telling Allen about Matty and how great she is. BTW - thank you for loving my smelly son. You are the best.

Betty said...

I have been saying for years that I have to somehow take yoga classes. Well, I finally did buy a couple of yoga videos, but my attempt to follow them is humorous, if not downright dangerous. My child can do it all so easily, partly because he used to have a sitter who taught him yoga as a preschooler. Why don't all schools offer yoga? What a great life tool that would be!

This post has inspired me to search again for a yoga class which fits my schedule. Oh, and I loved your last post about Dennis, too.


Big Dave T said...

Chess and wrestling are two of my favorite activites, though at my age wrestling is something I just watch. I have tickets to the NCAA finals this weekend.

I taught our dog to wrestle for a treat. He loves it. (As long as he gets his treat afterwards).

Read some of your other life's journey blogs below. Sounds like they illustrate one of my own personal philosophies--life is what happens when you've made other plans.