Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"I want to Marry a lighthouse Keeper", or so the song goes.........and here is my second happiest day.....
In the fall of 2003, my son turned 11 years old. As many 11 year olds wished, he wanted another Laser Tag party. I, having had enough of such events, not to mention the ridiculous cost for a party that last an hour and a half while also leaving you with a lasting headache........decided that my child needed some outdoors, no electronics, kinda birthday. I decided to book a weekend in a lighthouse, which made its restoration money from also being a bed&breakfast. I had heard about my fated lighthouse from my friend Lisa (who at one very disturbing time in our lives was also my daughter-in-law) - she was married to my ex-husbands eldest son. Lisa and I are the same age, married to father and son, divorced from said father and son. Oh well, really interesting stuff but for another time. Lisa and I are great friends and each year we try to keep the connection with our kids by going away for a weekend together. My son is her daughters uncle (yeah). Lisa and I had planned to take the kids to this lighthouse but at the last minute Anna, her daughter could not fathom doing this.

I decided to go along with my plans and take Jon and his friend Julia who was also turning 11. They were not allowed to bring any electronics and were encouraged to bring binoculars, sketching pads and pencils ..oh, and of course books. I brought along my book, a wine glass, and a bottle of good wine. I had spoken at length with the Lighthouse keeper re: our trip and what not to bring. He told me there was no TV and I should absolutely not bring a hair dryer (their power source being very limited) and if I planned to go out at night I should bring a flashlight. I was told to park in the lot and that I would be walking about 1/2 a mile through a nature trail to the lighthouse. As we started our trek through, truly, one of the most beautiful paths, I have ever seen, I couldn't help but notice the delight in the kids after complaining all the way there on our three hour drive from Long Island to Upstate. They explored and laughed running through the path as young children do on a wonderful adventure. The lighthouse is lovingly surrounded by the Hudson River and the Esopus Creek. The natural beauty of its surroundings really takes your breath away.

When I walked in I was greeted by a woman who was a volunteer of the lighthouse, giving tours and a bit of history. I told her I was a guest and asked if the keeper was around......just as Allen, walked in the room. Just like I knew it would happen, I looked at him, he looked at me and we knew that we'd finally found one another. after a lovely weekend, it was time for me to leave. It was Labor Day and a Monday, the lighthouse keepers day off and instead of leaving at the regular checkout time, we sat around admiring all of God's incredible gifts.

Allen and I dated from that day on......let me tell you what a great deal I got dating him.....Nothing has ever come close to being as romantic or as peaceful as staying at the lighthouse. I was so fortunate to sta
y in all seasons and really experience all of its beauty, from fog in the early morning, thunderstorms that would take your breath away later rewarding us with a rainbow and to snow drifts so tall that it was like climbing small hills. The peacefulness of the winters and the surprise to my waking eyes of deer swimming across the river. Never had I seen such raw beauty.
In July of 2005 Allen and I were so blessed to get married at the Lighthouse, amongst our wonderful friends, family and our children. It was a perfect summer day, no wind, no rain, no humidity and the most beautiful setting I could've dreamed of. Allen and I had prepared most of the food, friends set up, and the next lighthouse keeper cooked. Everyone had a part in it. It was the kind of wedding I had dreamed about but could never imagine having. To have found my soul mate, friend and to love again while including the most important people in my li
fe -- I simply could not have asked for more.


Lisa said...


Beautiful, beautiful post. I think you need to mention the "four whatevers" or the "seven whatevers" (I totally can't remember that book)!! That was an odd coincidence.

I loved your wedding day almost as much as my own (God knows, the weather was much better)! It was relaxing, fun, and filled with such a great vibe it almost defies description! You really are blessed with wonderful people in your life, and we are so happy to be part of it.

Love to you and Allen

simply me said...

I forgot about "The Four Agreements"
- next time.
Really looking forward to our womans group on Friday.

Desiree said...

That really was a very beautiful post! How wonderful for you!

Matty said...

How romantic! It sounds like something out of a Harlequin Romance! And the setting! How very quaint and romantic......a lighthouse!
May you have many years of health & happiness together.

Helen Burton said...

What a beautiful story and wishing you a lifetime of happiness. You proved the Law of Attraction does work.

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Big Dave T said...

Being from Michigan, I'm a big fan of lighthouses. Above my desk at work, I have six lighthouses on separate magnetic clings representing some we've visited here.

Though I'm sure not as romantic as your lighthouse, my wife and I did spend a couple nights at a B&B on the coast of Maine that had belonged to an old sailing ship captain.

simply me said...

Dave, any bed&breakfast is romantic to me. Funny, neither my husband nor I were into Lighthouses, but it really was quite a treat. If your ever interested in going you can go online to

lightkeeper spouse said...

Great that you found some romance on the lights. As wife of a lighthouse keeper on a working light in Canada for the Canadian Coast Guard.. have a read at is it really romantic.. living on a lighthouse. I do agree that there are romantic moments and so glad that you found yours... Our life is different in that we live here with one other couple and never really see anyone else unless we have a chopper stop in and that is not often. But it can be very romantic here on a lovely day and whales, eagles and other sundery wildlife along with the passing boats go by.