Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Where is the simplicity I search for...."

I am off from work this week and I've been trying to stay focused and get stuff done. This stuff (which is neither this nor that) is very overwhelming to me. The harder I try the more unfocused I get. So today I endeavor a trip to Lens Crafter (at the mall - which in itself can send me into a tailspin), to get my reading glasses prescription filled. It takes me five minutes to pick a pair and pay the sales women (an amount which was ludicrous). The woman assured me that I had chosen the most fairly priced ones. I pay for them and am to come back in an hour. When I come back the place is packed, so I patiently (not so) sit and wait for the glasses that I paid too much for, and I wait and wait. While waiting I notice that there is a clearance rack which I had not been shown and there are a very similar pair of glasses but half the price. So I take a deep a breathe and mutter to myself "it is what it is".

An hour and ten minutes later the women comes, hands me my glasses and says cheerfully "you are all set". There was to be no fine tuning, looking in the mirror, nothing. So off I go back into the mall, where masses of teens and their moms shop vigorously for the perfect (very expensive) handbag, jeans, underwear etc....I am amazed at how young girls (11 - 13) are shopping at Victoria's Secret. At that age, I only bought white cotton (maybe some florals) undees from Woolworth. What is wrong with this society?
Glumly, I come home and I look yearningly at pictures of my home in rural PA, where I long to be full-time. The house is a old mess of a house that needs much TLC, but I love it. I love all critters large and small and even the neighbors chocolate lab that takes enormous poops on my property. I don't even mind the squirrels that reside in my attic, rolling there nuts about the floor in what sounds like bowling. I love the smell of country air and watching the birds on the feeder. This is the place that provides the most sincere simplicity to me. No one cares what you wear since most people live on farms and fashion is not of great concern. It is a simple living style where the world seems to slow down and my blood pressure immediately stabilizes.

I count the weeks until we open our home and I am able to truly go home. I know that all the critters await and the wild turkeys will once again be seen crossing the road in wild abandonment. I will find nuts in baskets, window sills, the bathroom and even on my bed.....as if to say "Welcome Home"


Lisa said...

Ooops, didn't know you posted this here, too! I went to that "other" blog posting website, hee hee...I left a comment there, too...I miss your PA home as well, and those crazy turkeys, too!!


Lisa said...

...Do you think I said "too" a little "too" much?!?

Matty said...

My Lord! Girls of 11-13 at Victoria Secret? My granddaughter is 9 and I still buy her the full cotton panties at Walmart. Why can't we keep our daughters young? why do they insist on growing up so fast,,,,and why do we let them?
I refuse to buy her any tops with messages on the front...as long as I'm buying the clothes,,I want her to look like a young girl,,,,not a prostitute in training. Maybe that's a bit harsh,,,,,but that's just my opinion.

Lisa said...


We can't keep them young because of the media. ALL media-TV, movies and especially magazines. Our girls have wonderful role models like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan (she hails from one town over from us, and her mom is into cocaine as well according to my friend). You're never thin enough, pretty enough or rich enough according to the media. It's so sad. And I know, raising two daughters here in the heart of nastiness, Long Island.

simply me said...

Oh God - thanks Li - I had forgotten that Britney is the big role model, even now with 2 children and a shaved head....Who takes care of her kids anyway??

love you

Matty said...

I'm hoping my grandchild will find her own role models and mark her own path in life. Maybe I'm a dreamer, but till she's of age, I'll choose her clothes.

Betty said...

Wow, I think it's great that you have your country home to look forward to. You have the best of both worlds, it sounds like, even though you long for the country.

And I have to tell you what my eye doctor told me about reading glasses. He told me to buy them at Target (or Walmart, etc.), and I just bought a bagful for a dollar a pair. If I had to pay real money I never would have experimented with blue frames! They work fine, and the doctor said that's all I'll ever need.


Desiree said...

Well truthfully if Victoria Secret were so readily available to us back then we probably would have ventured in too! Remember how it felt to want to be grown up? What I wonder is how do kids that young afford Victoria Secrets? I mean they are a bit pricey!

simply me said...

The highlight for me back then was being allowed to purchase lip gloss and being allowed to use clear nail polish. I guess it is all about timing and societal norms. I still cannot afford Victoria's secret or truth, for that matter. LOL