Monday, June 16, 2008

Do people know how much effort goes into
producing a knitted baby blanket?

Well I for one have to admit that many years ago I received a couple of knitted blankets for my sweet bundle of joy. I, not being a knitter back then (not that I can brag about being one now) did not truly show gratitude to those who spent hours knitting those blankets. Until just recently I had not realized the enormous patience and skill it takes to knit. Giving someone a knitted gift is the ultimate gift of love for you don't just simply walk into a store and say "I'll take that"-- oh no, it takes much time, love and skill.

This past Saturday I went to my niece's baby shower and lovingly gave her my first complete knitted (by pattern) baby blanket and baby booties. Consumed by the overwhelming stack of gifts and an all attentive audience, my niece smiled at me and said thank you, but not before some sneaky pair of small hands reached over yanked that precious gift and shoved it into the abyss of bags in the corner. All the weeks of love I poured into that blanket and booties shoved into the bottom of Babys R' Us bags. No oohing and aahing over my gift of love. OK, so I got over it, but then I felt the guilt of never truly thanking those knitters for taking the time to knit those precious blankets they gave me.

Now that I am (unofficially) a knitter I can truly appreciate it for the art that it is. I have recently come across a web site that tells of upcoming knitting events.
I will personally be attending the Stitch n' Pitch at Shea Stadium for the Mets game in September. I am actually a Yankee fan but there were no knitting events there, sadly to those faithful Yankee fans - its all about the knitting right now. Though I am not a fan of the Mets, it has come to my attention that their new stadium is almost complete and that I will be going to one of the very last games (this game is on a Thursday night and the last game is that weekend) to be played at this famous stadium, so without knowing I will be part of a historical moment and we can all thank the fact that I am now knitting. I wonder if I am going to become one of those weird people that takes her hobby way too seriously? When I start tatooing knitting needles on my body, someone ( Li ) please stop me. One of my new favorite blogs,-- she's funny as heck....Crazy Aunt Purl (and yes, it does have some knitting anecdotes).


Big Dave T said...

I would have never put baseball and knitting together. It just seems like it'd be so easy to drop a stitch or something if an exciting play is going on.

Learn something new all the time here.

Matty said...

My grandson loves his afghan that Shelly @ THIS ECLECTIC LIFE sent him from Texas. His afghan was crocheted by 48 prs of loving hands that knew it would go to a child with cancer. Whenever he isn't feeling well...he knows he is wrapped in a big comforting hug from so many people. You just can't buy that.
There are ladies here as well that come and visit on the floors to bring the children knitted or crocheted well as knitted hats for the kids who have lost their hair to chemo.
Keep up the good is appreciated by those that know of the love and labor that goes into knitting.

Betty said...

Wow- what a bummer. If anybody ever knits for me, I'm going to appreciate it bigtime. At least you can feel good about yourself for having given a gift that was a labor of love.


Guilty Secret said...

It sounds like this knitting experience was a real rite of passage for you! I will try to remember this if I receive a knitted gift :)