Friday, September 07, 2007

The first day of school brings back moments in which I feel as if I am eight years old again . As I drive Jonathan to school on this first day, it is warm and the prospect of another year has us both driving quietly, wishing for just another week of summer vacation. I am grateful to have this time with Jon in the car as we both watch children getting on buses and some walking to school, some with backpacks and others with just their thoughts. I know it won't be long before he goes of to college and this morning ritual will be just a sweet memory for me.

This is not just Jon's first day of his sophomore year in High School, it is also my first day of school. At 45, I still spend hours the day before school getting ready
, cooking, planning for the week as if by some weird coincidence there will be no hours left in the day. It amuses me some, how I go about this routine of food shopping, getting clothes ready, planning meals as if there will not be time left in the coming year. The first day of school is still a big event in my life, for I too go back to my school, my students and a whole new year filled with some problems but also hope, promise and new beginnings.
After dropping Jon off I am greeted on my way out of the lot, by an array of trees covered in toilet paper, floating in a stream.
In some ways I should be upset by the waste and mess, but as the sun is slowly coming up and peeking through the trees and all the kids are walking about this cloud of streamers, there is some sort of beauty around this moment. In my car, it is quiet and I am allowed to drive by this parade feeling and drinking in the beauty of the first day of school.

I walked into my school with my smiley stickers in my hand and instead of feeling bad that summer had concluded, I put on a smile and embraced the moment I had waited for, with anticipation, and I greeted my first day of school.


Betty said...

Dear Simply Me,

Wow, it really is a double whammy for a mother who teaches. The first day of school is already a big deal for parents who aren't teachers, so I can just imagine what it's like for you. It's kind of nice to be on the same schedule as your son, I'm sure, but on the other hand it's probably been difficult to find time for yourself.

May this school year hold many positive experiences for you and Jon.


simply me said...

Thank you Betty - I am actually the school social worker, and my years are usually filled with student and parent difficulties, but I am very lucky to do what I do. My job has many gratifying moments and though I only have one son Jon, My heart has many little ones that I love.
It is a gift to have the same hours as Jon, it allows for many wonderful times together and makes life easier in getting him to after school things. I don't take my job for granted.
It is so good to hear from you again.

Matty said...

Great post! Every September I really don't know who is more or the kids? To start a new year fresh gives promises of new friendships and a lot of new experiences for all of us. I love to help them cover their old schoolbooks and watch as they learn and grow throughout the year. As they learn, they teach me...I'm never too old to learn and they are excellent teachers.
Have a great week with Jon.

simply me said...

Hi Matty hope all is well on your end. I love that each day we are given the opportunity to learn and grow.
Thank you for visiting, always.

Mark said...

Beginning are always full of wonder! Hope you and your son have a wonderful school year!

Lisa said...

Exactly ten years ago, we met in the kindergarten hallway on the first day of school (no matter who's "history" you go by, that fact still remains, lol)...I've never seen you unorganized in all of those years. You've always handled anything and everything in such a composed manner, and you've gone through a lot, besides.

I hope the kids have a great year this year...before you know it, it'll be June. And I'm not kidding. I'm starting my Christmas shopping as soon as I'm able to drive!


simply me said...

Oh no - Li you can't go Christmas shopping. I just wrote this whole thingy on rushing the season's on Boatwomans Blog(that is so weird LOL)
BTW - thank you for always being my biggest ally and best friend.

Guilty Secret said...

Glad to see you're back and feeling more positive :)

Best of luck for the (academic) year ahead...

Big Dave T said...

On the flip side, I remember my sister saying she had to avoid driving by schools at drop-off time. She and her husband weren't able to have children and they didn't want to adopt. It is generally a happy time in families with children, though.

It's been quite a few years since our boys were this age. The first days of school were a hassle since our kids always had issues of some sort, ranging from what to wear to something they swore they absolutely needed to bring but couldn't remember what it was.

Nice to see a new blog. BTW, I've been meaning to answer a question you asked on my blog some time ago. My youngest son Scott doesn't have any more immediate travel plans. For one, he can't afford another overseas trip to study abroad.