Monday, July 30, 2007

Its been awhile???

For those of you wondering where I've been.....update -- Note the post below. I went to Indiana (new post below). But that was weeks ago, so here it is. My computer is down...not just down but after being away for two weeks (in which it was quite fine). I come home turn it on and note that something fishy is happening...I cannot get to a web browser - none. So after spending 2 1/2 hours with Verizon on the phone desparately trying to find some solution, there was none. We checked all the wires, the router, the basement for some possible explanation - none. The gentlemen at Verizon explained quite calmly that we've tried everything and I need to have a "tech guy" come over and further check out the problem. I, not feeling so calm, and I will admit having some withdrawal issues with my blog and bloggers - proceed to freak out.

After my small melt down I now have a future appointment with the
"tech guy" for August 9th between 8 and 12 noon (yeah right). Later that evening as I am at the doctors office for my annual mammogram - I get a call, yes, as the machine is slowly coming down upon my breast - I see that its Verizon. I told the nice girl that I really needed to pick up and she sweetly rolled her eyes. And so, naked from the waist up and my breast sitting like a slab of meat (chicken cutlet), I answer my phone to find that it is Steve from Verizon wanting to know if I had a moment to do some more trouble shooting with the computer. I kindly declined giving him full details of my predicament to which he replied, " oh, uh, oh uhmm ok uhm well, uh maybe I should call later, uh uhm oh, sorry uh....thank you. Click". I think I will just wait till the "tech guy" comes over.


Matty said...

Good Lord, I am going for a mammogram next month..and no I won't be taking a phone with me. Bad enough having your boob in a press without the added aggravation of a computer tech! Hope you find out what is wrong with the computer without having to take out a loan.

simply me said...

Hi Matty - Computer troubles are so ridiculous. The worse is being at the mercy of the people who can fix them. Hope all is well with you.

Lisa said...

...Only you would answer your cell phone while your boob was clutched in a vice. You crack me up!

Big Dave T said...

Oh, oh. I have Verizon for my internet service. So . . . don't go on vacation then. That's the bottom line? OK.

Your story about the horse passing by your tent in the middle of the night reminded me of the time I was tent camping on Isle Royale in Lake Superior. The gentleman in the tent next to us left his tent in the middle of the night to answer the call of nature and when he returned, there was a moose outside his tent looking in.

This gentleman was a bit surprised, as you could imagine, and hollered, "Holy Sh$#!" loud enough to wake up everyone on the 50-square mile island. Me too. And I heard the pounding of moose hooves as the moose hightailed it out of our camp. He could have scared that moose right over our tent site! Coulda been bad.

pat said...

I came over to your blog "via" Matty's blog and I wanted to tell you I loved reading your posts.